Hero Pit Bull drags 7 month old baby in diaper after house fire

Hero Pit Bull Drags 7-Month-Old Baby By Her Diaper After House Goes Up In Flames

Speaking of bulldogs, this is a dangerous and aggressive breed of dog, training or breeding does not prevent them from attacking people. This is why having a Pit Bulldog next to a defenseless baby can worry some people. However, today’s story will show that they are actually selfless creatures willing to spare no effort to help others.

This is the story of Latana Chai, a California mother who recently suffered a terrible tragedy. When she was at home with her 7-month-old baby Masailah and her dog Sasha, something incredible happened. At midnight on Saturday, Latana suddenly heard Sasha barking loudly and clutching the backyard door with her paws.

I knew something was wrong. Then he opened the door to see what the dog was barking outside, and saw that the neighbor’s house was on fire. The fire quickly spread to Latana’s house, and Sasha is doing her best to let everyone know what happened before it’s too late. “I heard a loud noise and I thought ,’What happened?’ I heard Sasha cry and she jumped to the door. As soon as I got to the door, he ran in and started barking, “Ratana said .

Latana immediately ran upstairs to look for Marcella. She was shocked to see the bulldog biting Marcella’s diaper and pulling her out of danger. Finally, he was able to take everyone outside safely, all thanks to Sasha. If it hadn’t been for Sasha’s warning, it is very likely that both houses were on fire and the whole family was burned down.

If you like Sasha, you can check out the video below to find out more about this heroic dog and her daring rescue.

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