After three long months, the old dog and the soldier finally reunited

Separation from pets is one of the worst feelings. Whether it’s a month, a week, or a day, it’s always heartbreaking!

Our pets are part of our family, and it makes sense for us to want to be with them. However, when Private Hannah Foraker recently left her home in Cleveland, Ohio for basic training, her poor best friend Buddy had to stay.

When I was 13, I was very old and I was not sure I would be able to see her again. However, after a few long months, Faurek finally rested. They gave her a two-week Christmas vacation, and of course her first thought was running home to visit her dear old friend.

This is a video that will warm your heart and make you cry, especially if you are an animal lover like us. The reunion of the soldier and his beautiful golden retriever is something we have seen.

The two have a long history of being together and have seen many of them over the years. Unfortunately, for Buddy, his age also means that health problems are beginning to appear. Foraker said: “She is very old, suffering from arthritis, and mostly deaf and mute, but I still remember having it when I was a child.”

At the reunion, Foraker could only hope that Buddy’s memory hadn’t gone too.

Will pupp remember her? Fortunately, within a few seconds, all his suspicions were confirmed. Chapter Buddy misses her, just like she misses him!

“When we opened the front door, she came coming out and greeted me and my family, but then she did a double take and came back to me,” Foraker recalls.

Foraker knelt down to let Buddy concentrate. Foraker started talking to Buddy, telling him how much he missed him, and she kept touching him because he couldn’t get her satisfaction. Once he started talking, Buddy started crying. Chapter Buddy couldn’t believe what he heard, Hannah finally went home!

Buddy experiences another wave of amazement when he realizes Hannah has returned home, and he loses his balance in his joy. Hannah stands by her excellent boy, letting his head rest on her thighs. She gives him a good rub on the head, which causes him to lift his head for a moment before laying it back on her.
Buddy is able to cuddle up close to his 13-year-old best friend and is not going to waste any time!

Buddy’s old age and poor physical condition have slowed Buddy’s performance in recent years. According to Foraker’s parents, these two weeks have been great for Buddy. The reunion with Buddy allows him to find his original self.

The joy sprang from more than just the initial reunion. Every day that Hannah was home for the holidays, Buddy was overjoyed. Hannah not only resurrected Buddy’s cheerful demeanor, but also his youthful vigor.

Buddy savored every moment of Hannah Foraker’s leave, which was only for the holidays. Buddy hadn’t forgotten about his girl after three and a half months away. Hannah had a straightforward response when asked how she felt about the reunion.

Check out the video below to see Hannah Foraker and Buddy’s lovely reunion.
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