Pair Of Dolphins Tease German Shepherd – So He Jumps In Water After Them

Is there anything more irritating than being teased? It’s also not pleasant for dogs. When a couple of dolphins approached Maverick the German Shepherd as he was sunbathing on the ocean with his owner, the pup became startled.
Maverick is staring at the dolphins closely, and you can tell they are grating on his nerves. writes that a dog can only take so much taunting before acting on impulse.

Maverick appears out of nowhere, soaring and plunging into the ocean!
He was itching to go swimming and play with his finned pals. The dolphins were simply swimming around, causing no harm to anyone. Maybe the irritated canine wished to join their swim team.

His owner was furious, and he ordered the dog to return to the boat. He was able to pull him out of the water and bring him back to safety.

One thing is certain: this is one mammal who will not be bullied by dolphins! Take a look at the video below to see how much fun you can have.

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