Heartwarming Rescue Story of a Neglected Dog

The rescue team set off right away to look for the dog after learning that she had been roaming the streets by herself for a few months.

They were surprised to see the dog’s awful condition when they first came across her. She had a big bloated belly and looked like an elderly dog. She was distressed and frail. They had to assist her.

She was neutered by the city’s neutering program, and the locals told Love Furry Friends Rescue that she was wearing a tag to verify it. So, something other than pregnancy was to blame for her belly’s enlargement.

They pursued the wretched dog Zhuzha despite her attempts to elude them. She then appeared to ask for assistance by holding out her paw to the rescuer. She was having trouble breathing, and a trip to the veterinarian was urgently required.

As they placed her on a blanket-like carrier to transport her to the car, they made an effort to soothe her. Although she was terrified, she let to be carried and carefully placed in the automobile; yet, the rescuer never parted from her side.

She was immediately taken to the doctor, where they learned that she was just a couple of years old. Although she was a young dog for her condition, she had parasites and a cardiac disease that caused fluid to accumulate in her abdomen.

In an effort to preserve her life, the doctor drained the fluid. The sweet, defenseless soul didn’t deserve the abuse she was subjected to, and now she was depending on strangers to try to save her. But the process would take a while.

Zhuzha was feeling better and was able to go on an outing ten days later. She even got a treat while out for a stroll. She wouldn’t be well enough to leave the veterinarian with cardiac medicine, though, for another four weeks.

She finally had the opportunity to visit a home—possibly her first ever. With a normal-sized belly, she appeared to be a different breed of dog. Even though she was still wary and hesitant, she managed to meet the other dogs there and enjoy some delicious food before falling asleep on her new bed.

Until she finds her forever family, Zhuzha will remain with her foster family. Furry Friends, I appreciate you saving her life. We hope you enjoyed the tale of her rescue. As always, feel free to spread the word to your acquaintances.

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