Kind Elderly Man Pushes His Disabled Dog On A Cart Every Day

The owner of a 13-year-old golden retriever made sure his closest companion could continue to accompany him on their daily afternoon stroll even after the dog’s disability.

For those of us who have had a furry friend, a dog is more than simply a pet; it’s a member of the family. Dogs are brimming with affection… Whenever we return home, they are always eager to greet us and, no matter how we are feeling, they are always ready to play or snuggle.

Dogs are our friends and offer us solace when we’re in need of a connection with another living being. In particular for our older generation, who may or may not be able to get out and mingle as often as they used to, studies have shown that owning a dog helps reduce levels of loneliness. Additionally, playing and exercising with a dog helps lower stress levels. According to a Harvard University study, playing with dogs can even help people with heart problems and autism overcome some difficulties. The happiness of our beloved dogs becomes something we view as really important because they are such adorable little friends that love us unconditionally and don’t judge us.

While visiting Vibo Valentina, Italy, Sabrina La Grotteria came across an elderly guy who was so devoted to his dog that she was inspired to record a brief clip of their afternoon stroll. She saw the elderly guy Tonino walking his dog Dylan, but it wasn’t the typical kind of stroll that dogs and their owners go on. Tonino would wheel his devoted dog about their neighborhood in a cart because he was unable to walk.

Sabrina learned that although 13-year-old Dylan loved going for afternoon walks, arthritis had caused him to lose the use of his hind legs. Tonino arranged a cart that Dylan’s dog could lie on as the two of them continued their picturesque trips together because the wonderful elderly man realized how much Dylan loves taking a walk around the city.

Even though pushing the cart up and down uneven streets seems to be quite a workout, Tonino doesn’t mind, as the most important thing to him and his family is that Dylan is alive, happy and enjoying life.

Thousands of hearts were touched by the lovely video of Tonino and Dylan after Sabrina published it. When questioned about the reaction to the film, Tonino merely stated that he hoped it would inspire others to love, care for, and respect animals.

Watch the following video of Tonino coming back from a walk with Dylan:



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