Girl Pretends To Be Hurt To Rescue A Scared Stray Dog

Thanks to the actions of some very friendly and ingenious people, a hungry street dog now has a house forever.

Amanda Guarascia and Dylan Parkinson decided to try to save a malnourished and fearful dog who was living alone at the Evans Creek campsite in Washington State.
They arrived at the campground to see the dog sitting where they had been promised he would be. Unfortunately, he was so terrified that they were unable to approach him. They tried to tempt him with food but that didn’t work so they left to go buy some hotdogs.  They returned with the hotdogs but the scared dog still would not come closer.

They lingered for several hours before departing at 3 a.m. They devised a fresh strategy once they had left. They returned the next day, and the dog was still there, thank goodness. They chose to appeal to the dog’s sympathy on this day because food didn’t work the day before.

Amanda described on Facebook the unique idea they came up with and the events that led to his rescue.  She wrote:

“I got down on the ground with my back to the pup, who we have decided to call Bear (okay, Baby Bear to be exact) and slowly started crawling backwards towards where he was laying.”

Her plan was to pretend to be hurt to see if she could coax Baby Bear closer.
Her post continued:
“I started whimpering and yawning (which is a calming signal), and continued to slowly get closer and closer until I was rested up against the sweet little Baby Bear! (At one point, he got up to try to find us shelter because he saw me as a pathetic human girl that had no survival skills, he sort of took me under his wing!)”

Her plan worked. Not only could she get close to the baby bear, but she could also pick him up and hug him. They took him to the vet for help, she wrote:

“I had to carry him everywhere! I had to pick him up and put him in the truck and then we snuggled together until we got to the vet…Where again, I had to carry him inside…all 57 lbs of him!”

After the vet took care of the bear, he was taken to the Wuyou Bay Reserve where he was an amazing foster family. Soon after, he found his home forever and was very happy after his photos.

There is no doubt that Amanda and Dylan saved his life through their patient and unique rescue. We are sure that Baby Bear is very grateful for all the compassion they showed him that day.

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