Puppy Escapes His House Then Quickly Rings The Doorbell To Get Back Inside

After escaping from his house and finding himself alone in the dark, this lovely puppy instantly changes his mind and wants to return home. The only problem is that the door is locked, so he’ll have to ring the bell and wait for someone to open it for him.

Have you ever taken a split-second decision and then come to regret it the following moment? That is just what happened to Marshall, a lovely Golden Retriever puppy who lives with his family in Spokane, Washington.

Marshall is just four months old, but he’s already learning a lot. He’s still in his rambunctious puppy period, where everything is fair game until it isn’t. We’re sure he thought sneaking out on his own would be a thrilling adventure. But one look at the dark street reminded him that being alone was not as enjoyable as he had imagined!
He turns around and begins scratching on the door, realizing his error. When no one appears, Marshall, being a smarty, starts ringing the doorbell with his nose, which produces a humorous knocking sound.

His boop of a snoot knocking on the doorbell was filmed on the family’s security camera…knock, knock, knock, knock, Marshall leans over his shoulder to have a look around while waiting to be saved, which is amusing to see.

Someone, thankfully, heard him and let him back inside. Greg Basel, his owner, sent this video so that we could all have a good chuckle. Marshall, hopefully, has learned his lesson and will never sneak out again.

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