This is Willie Nelson who lets 70 horses roam freely at his Texas Ranch after rescuing them from a slaughterhouse.

Willie Nelson is famous for his many country music hits and busy tour schedule, but when he is not making his fans happy he is at home at his 700 acre ranch in Texas with his 70 horses all saved from the Slaughterhouse.

They had nowhere to go and no hope of survival, but that was before they caught the attention of country music legend Willie Nelson. The iconic rocker and long-time horse advocate rescued them from that life of pain and over years has brought each one to live happily on his 700-acre ranch. The singer’s life might revolve around guitars and concerts, but he’s also dedicated to saving horses from slaughter.

As well as rescuing these horses himself Willie Nelson is a vocal critic of the American horse slaughter industry and campaigns to stop and improve conditions the horses face when they find them selves at the slaughter house.

Nelson believes they are the luckiest horses in the world, as they are safe from slaughter and abuse. “When you’re here, you’re in luck. And when you’re not, you’re out of luck,” said Nelson.

Nelson’s passion for horses has even made its way into his music.

Here is Willie’s song, “A Horse Called Music”

If you were not a fan of Willie Nelson before reading this then why not listen to one of his songs below Ride Me Back Home a lovely song about his connection with horses.

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