A woman discovers a box on her doorstep with a baby wild boar.

Dora Wei is no stranger to unusual animals, but she was taken aback when a baby wild boar arrived in a box on her doorstep.

“In the early morning, my gardener found her near my house,” Dora told The Dodo. “She had only been alive for a few hours. She’d been removed from her mother and appeared to be freezing.”

Woman rescues baby wild boar

She realized the wild boar wouldn’t be able to thrive on her own without a mother. So they built her a small sleeping room inside and used hot water bottles to keep her warm.

“I checked around about how to care for wild boars, and everyone claimed it’s difficult if they’re this young, and that they always die without the mother,” Dora explained.

“We read online that she needed to be fed every hour, so my boyfriend and I took turns sleeping in the living room with her for nearly four weeks, feeding her every hour when she woke up and started wailing.”

“For us, it was like taking care of a kid,” she added.

Dora was worried that her four dogs wouldn’t get along with the wild boar they named Yezhu, but Yezhu had other ideas.

Wild boar snuggles with dog

Dora explained, “She would constantly want to be with them – especially the Labrador.” “She would always want to follow him and sit next to him or lie down next to him.”

“She treats all of the dogs with respect, even if they do bark at her when she attempts to take their food.” She truly believes that she is one of them.”

Yezhu and the dogs now do everything together, even napping…

Yezhu was found to be blind in one eye and could not be put back into the wild. Dora and her partner built her a house in the garden when they realized this, replete with a pool on those hot days.

Rescued wild Boar goes for a swim in a pool

Yezhu still comes in to sleep with the family at night.
“She enjoys digging up the garden and swimming in her own tiny pool, and she enjoys getting belly massages while she naps.”

“We found her during a terribly difficult and dismal moment with the country being on lockdown,” Dora explained. “She brought us closer, and taking care of her and watching her grow up makes our lives more positive.”
Yezhu seemed to have entered Dora’s life at just the right time to restore her happiness.

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