Baby Bunnies Believe Golden Retriever Is Their Mother, And She Isn’t Against It.

It’s no surprise that when some newborn bunnies needed a sitter, the gentle dog was more than willing to play mom.

In this video, five gorgeous 22-day-old rabbits are placed on a bed next to an adorable golden retriever, who quickly snuggles up to the sweet little bundles of fur.

She lets the young buns crawl on her and burrow deep into her fur while they jump around and investigate. She gently sniffs them and is perfectly content to take on the role of mother for a while. The bunnies are unconcerned about her, as if she is their mother.

It’s very cute when they line up in a small row as if they’re posing for a picture or she purposefully set them up at one point.

It’s not long before the rabbits are hopping all over the place, exploring the dog and their huge plush bed instead of napping. How could this lovely dog giving fluffy bunny licks be any cuter?

Hold your horses, it does when a blue and white parakeet joins in the fun!

All of the animals appear to be having a great time playing with each other, especially the dog, who has a wide smile on her face the entire time, except when she’s kissing and snuggling with the adorable bunnies!

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