Wild Donkey Was Raised With German Shepherds And Now Acts Like One Of Them

Wild Donkey Was Raised With German Shepherds And Now He Acts Just Like Them

Walter was rescued and raised with three German shepherds after his mother abandoned him. Now, the very cute donkey behaves like a dog, especially when he encounters his father!

Walter was discarded by his mother when he was a baby. The Bureau of Land Management tried for 10 hours to help the couple bond, but eventually gave up and had no alternative but to assist him in finding a house.

They contacted Kelly and Brad Blake of Oatman, Arizona, who were delighted to take in the young burro. The Dodo received the following report:

“There are wild burros roaming the town.” Walter’s mother disapproved of him since he was too young. For ten hours, the Bureau of Land Management and town residents sought to persuade Walter’s mother to adopt him. Because nothing was working, we were contacted and asked if we wanted to adopt him. “Of course, we said yes!” .

Kelly Blake

Walker rapidly became attached to his adoptive parents and adjusted to his new surroundings. His new father, on the other hand, had snatched his heart. He was likewise raised in a pack of three German shepherds and is now only one of them.

The ill donkey has grown up to be a healthy 150 pounds. He stays indoors with the dogs, who taught him everything he knows. Blake, according to his father:

“We have three German shepherds, and they’ve all taken to Walter right away.” They’ve assisted us in raising him and teaching him proper manners.”

Since he was reared with his dog siblings instead of his herd, the adorable donkey has developed a strong attachment with them and has adopted many canine habits. He is an indoor donkey who plays with toys, has a donkey stuffy, and even wags his tail.

When his father returns home from a business trip, his dog-like nature is perhaps most apparent. He becomes so excited that it’s the prettiest thing you’ve ever seen. Like one of the dogs, he runs, jumps, affectionately nuzzles Blake, and waggles his tail. He even spins circles and nips his father’s jeans with joy, just like a dog.

Blake claims that:

“Walter behaves as if he were a dog. When we reach home, he wags his tail and gets happy. To love on him, he hops and presses his body against mine. He even takes naps next to me on the couch.”

Walter gets to do practically everything the dogs do. When they go for their evening walk, Walter joins them and runs with the dogs. He is also active in the community, volunteering at charity events and working as an emotional support donkey.He even has his own Facebook page, Walter the Orphan from Oatman’s Happy New Life.

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