Heartwarming- Woman Adopts Puppy With Tetanus Out Of Paralysis And Nurses Her Back To Health

Woman Adopts Puppy With Tetanus Out Of Paralysis And Nurses Her Back To Health

When you’re sick and alone, it’s quite depressing. You require someone to look after you. They look to be a miracle in helping you get rid of those aches and pains.

After being stiff as a board and “frozen,” a Pit Bull puppy was taken to the veterinarian. Bunny was infected with tetanus, as it turned out (otherwise known as lock-jaw). Bunny’s owners surrendered her to Dr. Ali Thompson, a veterinarian, because they couldn’t afford the medical attention she needed.

Ali refused to give up on Bunny and began a stringent care regimen to help him recover his health. Bunny was temporarily blindfolded to reduce stimulation because any visual stimulus would cause a seizure.

During those weeks, Bunny was still stiff as a board, but she could wag her tail. Bunny prepared a surprise for Ali after two weeks. Ali returned home to discover Bunny standing up and waving her tail! Bunny began to make significant strides.

Ali realized Bunny had not only healed but that she could no longer bear to part with her and officially adopted Bunny into her house after a few more weeks of care.
Although Tetanus is uncommon in dogs, it’s crucial to remember that the bacteria that causes Tetanus, Clostridium tetani, might infect them through a scrape or wound. If a wound becomes infected, the dog can become infected with tetanus, which can spread and be fatal. The easiest strategy to avoid Tetanus is to thoroughly clean a wound and treat it with antibiotics as soon as possible (if the scrape is deep).

Thankfully the tetanus Bunny had was caught in time to save her life!

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