Young Boy Walks 2-Miles Alone To Save A Dying Puppy

Young Boy Walks 2-Miles Alone To Save A Dying Puppy

One day, a 13-year-old South African from Delft, one of Cape Town’s poorest neighborhoods, travelled 2 miles on his own to save his puppy.

He realized his dog had stopped eating and was experiencing bloody diarrhea, so he took action and went out to get assistance.

He walked two kilometers into town to an animal shelter that helps care for the community’s dogs and cats. Stöckigt, a member of the rescue organization, said:

“She was frail, and the youngster admitted that he didn’t have enough money to feed her. We promised him we’d do everything we could to save her life and find her a new loving home where she could be cared for. We expressed our gratitude to him for bringing her to us for assistance.”

Nanuk, the puppy, was found to be suffering from parvovirus, a fatal condition that she would not have survived if not treated.

To cheer Nanuk up, she got regular visits from other foster kittens in the shelter.

“I think it’s a combination of the kittens and having one of us by her side the whole time, encouraging her…” stated Stöckigt Nanuk is in need of a loving permanent home, according to the rescuers.

If she wasn’t going to eat, Nanuk was going to die.

Thank god for the good heart of this young boy who saved her life.

Now Nanuk is looking for a forever home!

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