Home Depot Employees Build Special Wagon For Elderly Dog With Cancer

People with kind hearts and their tales are always inspiring; the way they search for animals and devise ways to make them happy is simply amazing.

Employees of Home Depot as a result of a search Build a special wagon for a cancer-stricken elderly dog.
Risa Feldman rescued a 15-and-a-half-year-old dog named Ike 12 years ago, and the two have been together ever since.

Ike’s favorite interest, according to Risa for ABC News, is people watching.

Feldman told the television channel, “He’s so thrilled to observe everyone.” “Trying to do it is his favorite thing to do. “He’ll lie down in the sun.”

However, the poor old dog is having difficulty pursuing his favorite pastimes after he was diagnosed with cancer in one of his hind legs, which makes it difficult for him to maneuver.

Risa has been able to acquire a special wheelchair to help him walk, but the dog gets tired quickly.

Employees at Home Depot build a special wagon for an elderly dog with cancer.
Risa went to the local Home Depot in Manhattan Beach, California in search of a better alternative and asked them to help her modify a cart for her wonderful dog.

Ernesto Moran, a Home Depot employee, promised Risa that he would think about it and call her back. He and his coworker Justin Wadman actually designed a special wagon for Ike and presented it to Risa for free, dubbed “Ike’s Trike.” This amazing generosity doesn’t stop there; according to ABC News, they’re also creating a ramp for Risa’s automobile.

I volunteered to make it for her and told her that it’s what Home Depot does – giving back to their consumers,” Moran told ABC News.

The woman was so moved by the employees’ kindness that she informed the news station.

Ike is now a cheerful dog, doing what he likes the foremost with their help.

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