Abandoned puppy found in coma makes miraculous recovery thanks to loving support

Abandoned puppy found in coma makes miraculous recovery thanks to loving support

On a chilly Winter night in their neighborhood, a few people noticed a cardboard box on the side of the road near a dumpster. They went to investigate the odd box and discovered a dog inside. He appeared to be dead, but he wasn’t. This is a common story about Francis: When he was discovered, he was cold and very still, and he was assumed to be dead. Fortunately, the pair saw that the puppy was breathing…

Francis was given to Community Animal Rescue & Adoption, Inc. (CARA), a local no-kill animal sanctuary in Jackson, Mississippi. A trip to the veterinary verified that the puppy had been stuck in a deep coma while still alive.

Despite his refusal to respond, the staff at CARA did everything they could to bring him back to health. He was kept warm and comfy the entire time. On Valentine’s Day, he was honored with a celebration.

He went home with some excellent individuals from CARA when he awoke, urging 24-hour care. He will require a feeding tube for the next two months and will find it difficult to stand. But, thanks to treatment from a wonderful human, he was able to go from opening his eyes and raising his head to standing on his own in no time.

“We were lucky enough to be chosen to adopt this remarkable dog that had become such a star,” Harriet Scott, his owner, explains. But to us, he’s just Francis, a wonderful, energetic dog who enjoys running and playing outside, napping on the couch, and living the life we want all homeless animals might have. Our family would be incomplete without him; he has a great deal of affection for people because it was people’s love that saved him.”

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