This Mom Can’t Say No When Rescued Pit Bull Convinces Her To Adopt Their Foster Kitten

This Mom Can’t Say No When Rescued Pit Bull Convinces Her To Adopt Their Foster Kitten

Sterling is a pit bull who has already had a tough life. Since his former owners had neglected him, the 4-week-old puppy was underweight, shy, and afraid of adults. Thankfully, his new mother, Bethany Leigh, came to his rescue and provided him with a caring family. The caring owner recognized that the neglected pit bull puppy needed as much affection and care as possible in order to regain his faith in humans. Sterling grew into the sweetest, most optimistic dog thanks to Leigh’s love and guidance.

“He was so diminutive. Sterling’s mother, Bethany Leigh, told The Dodo, “I was bottle-feeding him on a regular basis.” “Across his chest and legs, he had massive scars. He has been so sweet and caring as a result of a lot of hard work, compassion, and training.”

Since Leigh is an animal lover, she is always willing to support needy animals and foster them in her home before they can find a permanent home. Sterling seemed to appreciate his mother’s work, but he also assists Leigh in caring for all of the animals in their home. He is an integral part of Leigh’s work, and he has developed into the best foster brother for the younger siblings. He is especially devoted to fostering kittens, with whom he forms the sweetest bonds.

Leigh came across a tiny kitten in a McDonald’s parking lot one day and took him home with her. Sterling fell in love with his tiny new foster friend, Lux, the moment he saw him for the first time.

Lux was shy, worried, and fearful of his new dog foster brother at first, but Sterling helped Lux grow into a confident and sweet kitten with a lot of patience and affection. They were soon inseparable, and they spent all of their time together. Sterling, the older brother, adored shielding and loving his younger brother.

“If Lux goes too far or starts climbing the tree in the backyard, I tell Sterling to go get his kitty, and he runs to find him,” Leigh said. “We cuddle and sleep together, they both like balls and games, and they enjoy playing in our backyard together.”

Lux also became friends with Sterling’s other best mate, Leigh’s 2-year-old daughter. They spent the whole day together, playing and doing everything they could think of. However, Lux needed to find a permanent home, and it was difficult to imagine what would happen if Lux had to leave.

Since Stering didn’t want Lux to quit, he persuaded Leigh to adopt the foster kitten. Leigh knew she couldn’t end their relationship and abandon Lux to a new family. As a result, Lux was legally adopted, and the couple couldn’t be happier.

Sterling and Lux are the best friends for the rest of their lives, and we are delighted to see them happy in their loving home.

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