A small puppy lives alone in shopping malls,looking for his mother

This cute puppy was separated from his mother and abandoned at the market. The puppy was just a baby. He huddled against the wall and didn’t know what to do next.The puppy had not yet learned to live without his mother,he did not know how to take care of himself. And there was no one around to take care of him.

Natalia saw the puppy near the market outside the pavilion. She wanted to help the puppy and brought the puppy in the pavilion.She noticed that the puppy was well groomed and now he feels discomfort.

She fed the puppy with a bottle as he was very tiny and gave him place to sleep in.  The woman could not leave the puppy alone as he was very tiny. She could not take her to the shelter as the puppy was rather small.

She decided to keep the puppy in the market pavilion for a night. The puppy was very calm and very gentle. From this time on the puppy was with Natalia all day and he spent the night in the market pavilion at night.

Natalia does everything to fill the lonileness of the puppy but the puppy sometimes cries. The puppy named Daisy is very young but he has seen many trials in his life.

Animals, just like humans, have a soul. They suffer too, they just can’t tell anyone about it. Throwing such a baby out into the street is the same as throwing a five-month-old baby out of the house and expecting it to take care of itself.

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