Blind Dog Gets Eyes Surgically Restored And is HAPPY He Can See His Family Again

According to kingdomstv, Duffy, an 8-year-old Irish Terrier, lost his sight due to diabetes.

“Seeing this dog I grew up with, who I consider a very good buddy, shattered my heart…

I’m bumping into stuff, and I’m not sure who I’m talking to…

On Reddit, Benjamin stated regarding Duffy, “I’m just suffering.”

Diabetic canines lose 75 percent of their vision as a result of the disease. It’s a fast-moving condition that takes a year for the dog to go completely blind.
In Duffy’s instance, the transition from complete vision to absolute blindness took nearly five months.

He went from being a completely normal 8-year-old dog to being entirely blind in approximately 3-5 months,” Benjamin explained.
Diabetes in dogs, like diabetes in humans, has no cure. It is only possible to manage the dieses.
His diabetes was managed with the help of medication prescribed by the vets. They then proceeded to work on his eyes. The procedure cost $5000, which Duffy’s family was happy to cover.

The operation was a SUCCESS!

Duffy was so happy, he licked everyone in the room. He was happy to see his owner and family again. His tail was wagging from one side to the other

Duffy, as a rescue dog, has a variety of health issues. However, his parents, Benjamin May and his family, intended to provide him with the greatest life possible.

They’ve done an excellent job thus far, based on the dog’s reaction.

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