Hero cat continued to meow loudly till neighbors discovered his ailing owner who fell down ravine

Don’t tell the owner of one black cat who helped save her life that black cats are unlucky since they are thought to bring bad luck.

In a remote corner of Cornwall, England, lives Piran the cat with his cat mother. When the 83-year-old Bodmin woman vanished, her neighbors organized a search effort, exploring the adjacent countryside, but she was never seen. That is, until the searchers spotted an upset Piran meowing loudly at a cornfield gate.

Tamar Longmuir, the searcher, told Sky News, “The cat is quite connected to her, and he was walking back and forth in the gateway and meowing, so I decided to go and search the maize field.”

The crop was seven feet tall, making the travelling challenging. Longmuir circled the field while staying on the edge and yelling out her neighbor’s name. When she finally detected a weak response, she had already reached the bottom of the field.

Longmuir was shocked to learn that the elderly woman had fallen down a treacherous, 70-foot ravine, passed through some barbed wire, and ended up in a creek.

It’s thought the elderly woman had been locked there for several hours before Longmuir was able to descend to examine the situation and, luckily, learn that her neighbor lady had not suffered any serious injuries.


Longmuir had to hike back up the ravine to use her phone, but she was able to reach emergency personnel who quickly came to rescue the senior who was trapped there.

The woman was taken to a neighboring hospital for treatment following a coordinated two-hour effort by over 25 emergency workers from the police, fire department, and air and water rescue services.

While the concerned lady is still receiving care, Bodmin Police wrote on Facebook that she is “in excellent spirits and is being well looked after.” “Piran the cat came to our rescue!”

In fact, if Piran hadn’t raised the alert, the result may have been very different.

Longmuir said to Sky News, “Without the cat waiting at the gate to that field, it may have been hours later before I or anyone else would have checked in there.”

Neighbors are helping to care for her cat while she recovers, and she is grateful for Piran’s constant public involvement on her behalf.

National Black Cat Appreciation Day is celebrated in America on August 17, but in light of Piran’s recent valorous actions, we believe that an international celebration of a story that begins and finishes with a cat’s meow would be just about “purrfect.”

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