Deputies Spot Tiny Pup With Burns Peeking His Head Out From Fiery Aftermath

The devastation that rushed through northern California, destroying everything in its path, was unproductive and would result in the loss of countless lives. In the middle of the chaos, the Butte County Sheriff’s Office discovered something they hadn’t expected. Workers were searching through burned-out parcels and rubble when a puppy peeked out from behind them.

They realized Little Joe had some minor becks after reaching through the pile and retrieving him to safety. They took him to the local animal control facility for a thorough checkup. Unfortunately, the owner of the property examined by the deputies had multiple tykes and was unable to detect them all. He had to void quickly or he might have disintegrated in the backfires.

This nimble puppy made it through the fire and was overjoyed to see his rescuer. On the scene, they provided him food and water, as well as a lot of cuddles. The Sheriff’s Office opted to name the puppy Little Joe Soldier because they had no idea who owned it. As of this writing, at least 35 people have been murdered, and fire has damaged over four million acres. The dears are causing havoc in California, Oregon, and Washington.

The last few days have been difficult for our entire country, so we thought we’d share a great story moment,” the Butte County Sheriff’s Office said on Facebook, alongside photos of the dog being rescued. Thanks to everyone who helped save this small dog, they were able to light a fire under expediency through these trying times.

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