An old stray dog finds a home and a job at a gas station

Old Abandoned Dog Finds A Family And A Job At A Gas Station

Nego, a four-legged petrol station employee, is tugging at people’s hearts all throughout Brazil. Nego was taken in by the owners of the petrol station after being abandoned by his owners owing to his advanced age, and he has proven to be a tremendous hit with customers. He was so well-liked that he made national headlines! Nego enjoys greeting everyone who walks through the door with a big grin and a wagging tail. He even has his own outfit, complete with a name tag!


Unfortunately, stray dogs abound in Brazil and many other countries of South America. Nego would have been just another drop in the ocean if it hadn’t been for a kind couple who opted to adopt him. When the gas station was first being built, the proprietors first saw him loitering around the construction site. Locals took pity on him when they learned he wasn’t always a stray, but had been abandoned.

Nego soon had a large smile on his face after they took him home and took him to the vet to have all of his shots up to date, a warm bath, and a beautiful cozy bed for him to sleep in. It wasn’t long before the proprietors appointed him an official employee for hanging around the gas station’s entrance to say hello to everyone.

Nego became such a celebrity that people came to the station just to see him, even if they didn’t need gas! His owners had to put up a sign asking people not to bring him sweets because he was getting so fat! So now he can only bring toys from the neighborhood.

The petrol station is open 24 hours a day, and Nego is usually found there, except for a few hours each day when he likes to go for a walk around town. They call it his ‘break,’ yet he always returns to his professional responsibilities. Everyone recognizes him, and he is treated as if he were a local celebrity wherever he goes.

Nego’s story isn’t over yet. Following his appearance on national television, the charity Grupo FERA established a foundation to encourage companies to care for stray dogs. After suffering through so much pain, Nego’s positivity has extended across the country, with many businesses signing up.

Dogs have so much love to give; all they need is an opportunity to do so, just like Nego.

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