Dog Saved Blind And Elderly Owner From Danger

Every day, we may be aware of stories about dogs saving the day through television shows or films. But this isn’t just a work of fiction; we’ve all heard stories about dogs saving people from various threats in real life.

This is the story of an incredible dog who recently saved her blind and elderly owner from a tragedy.

On January 5, a woman from Limington, Maine, heard shouting from her neighbor’s house and reported it to the York County Sheriff’s Office.
A yellow lab approached Sergeant Steve Thistlewood after he came to investigate and seemed anxious to attract his attention. The officers decided to pursue the dog and learned why she was so eager for them to do so: the dog’s 84-year-old owner had become stranded in an icy creek.

The old man, who was blind, fell in while putting his dog, Samthaan, on a dog run.

“He cried and yelled,” the York County Sheriff’s Office stated on Facebook, “but soon became fatigued and started succumbing to the cold — the temperature was 30 degrees at the time.”

When the dog saw her owner in need, she hurried out to seek assistance, and by directing the officers to the location, she was able to save her owner from freezing to death.

Well done, girl; you are a true hero.

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