Dog Waits 9 Years In A Shelter Before Finding Loving Foster Home

Dog Waits 9 Years In A Shelter Before Finding Loving Foster Home

Beauty, the dog, was abandoned as a puppy in Mani, Greece. She was taken in by an original charity when she was a plant, and she spent the first nine years of her existence in a sanctum.
Every day, Beauty and the other 150 children in that cloister awaited a family to take them in. She’d wag her tail in anticipation and stopgap every time someone walked by her pen. But Beauty was nowhere to be found on that day.

To make matters worse, Beauty contracted Leishmaniasis, a parasitic condition, this past summer. They wouldn’t let her stay in the sanctum while she was unwell, so she was taken to Athens and placed in a foster home, where she would ultimately realize she needed help.

The stylish part is that Beauty won’t ever have to live in a sanctum again. She’ll remain at her foster home, but is still staying for an ever home.

She’ll continue to get treatment in the meanwhile. She’s doing great and is in much better spirits! Zaira, her foster mother, has a huge heart and is always willing to take in the sickest kids and try to nurse them back to health. Despite the fact that many of them have died, Beauty has proven to be a great fighter. Despite the fact that she was quite weak and didn’t think she’d make it, she defied all odds and survived!

She’s been given a second chance at life, but now she’s looking for an everlasting home with a family that will adore her no matter what. She’s a genuine kind and loving dog who, after everything she’s been through, deserves a happy ending.

Watch Beauty in the video below

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