Rescuers Feed Abandoned Chihuahua With Cheese And Take Her Home

Dogs, like human beings, require love and attention. They are like our friends and relatives, but some people have the heart to discard them rather than care for them. And the poor creatures on the streets have no idea what to do; all they can do is desperately wait for someone with a nice heart to come along and help them.

Hope For Paws rushed to the scene after receiving a text about an abandoned Chihuahua living on the side of the road.

At first, the dog was afraid of people and tried to flee as far as she could. Soon after, when the rescuer brought her some cheese, the Chihuahua began to approach her and accept the food. She didn’t refuse any of the food they offered her, which suggests she either adores cheese or was starving at the time.

The dog, on the other hand, remained a safe distance from the crew, simply running around so they couldn’t touch her. They came up with a brilliant solution and were finally able to secure the leash around her neck. After speaking with a neighbor who had been feeding the dog for a week, they learned that he had given the puppy the name Frijoles.

They took her to the veterinarian for a physical examination. The Chihuahua was treated with gentleness. She had been cleaned up and had a place to stay. Frijoles has now found a loving home thanks to L.A. Animal Rescue. She had a fresh look and was playing happily every day. She had been re-loved.

Watch the video here:

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