Dog was adopted as protection but ends up becoming a cuddly comedian

Having a pet is enjoyable in part because of the amusement it provides. A good laugh may always be had when watching them cause trouble or act ridiculously.

Fortunately, there are a ton of videos online that show animals doing the silliest things. This one has a lot for us, so let’s look at each one individually, shall we?
The first video is this one, which shows a golden retriever with a dog door.

You can immediately tell that this video isn’t heading in the direction you want it to by the way I used the phrase “seemingly innocuous”. You see that pet door there? Yes, despite not doing so particularly elegantly, this retriever will undoubtedly get through it.

So it passes through the dog door and the door itself follows. At least it’s currently outside!

A different canine on the list has some less destructive mischief to share with us.
A pitbull is lounging on the balcony, perhaps anticipating its wedding.

This dog, whether intentionally or not, resembles the upcoming bride. That curtain has covered its head like a veil at a wedding.

Who is the lucky man, I wonder?

I’d like to draw your attention to Kevin the French bulldog for something far funnier.
You see, Kevin really enjoys his little pool. When things are put inside, he really doesn’t enjoy it.

His mother therefore began by inserting one branch. It bothered him that. He didn’t like it either when she added a second branch.

He decided to go around in circles with the full pool rather than wait for new branches to appear. Well done, mom.

We now have a dog who should never be trusted around technology.
He is watching a duck-related video on his mother’s laptop when he suddenly smashes some keys and closes the browser.

The advertising were even closed for him by Mom! Let’s go.

This dog appears to be a little hungry, so I hope you’re feeding your dogs adequately as well. He’s actually trying to devour the approaching vehicles because he’s that hungry.
I’m not sure how that’s intended to work, but I admire his effort.

Perhaps he needs a bone to keep him occupied like this next dog who is overjoyed to have one.
They reportedly handed him this bone the night before. He’s just ecstatic to have found it when he woke up. Is that really pure?

Check out the dog that has the crowd in a frenzy right now.
He has no idea why people are supporting him. He seems content to be here, am I right?

They are applauding so loudly that you would think Taylor Swift was performing.

Let’s round up this list with a jealous dog.
This family recently acquired a golden retriever puppy, and the adult golden retriever isn’t overjoyed about no longer being the only child.

That implies that he will no longer be the center of attention. Copper’s poor!

There are many more than just these 8, so make sure to view the complete movie below and share this article as well!

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