Man Returns To Adopt The Dog He Rescued, And The Pup Couldn’t Be Happier

Pit Bull Puppy Reunited With His Rescuer After Being Saved From Death Gets The Best Surprise! (With New Information) When Joey Wagner, a marine from Nova Scotia, saved a Pit Bull puppy on the verge of death, he went above and above the call of duty.
When Wagner discovered the mange-infested puppy, he responded swiftly! He took him to the vet right away for treatment. Fortunately, his foresight saved the puppy’s life. Because of his good fortune, the medical team dubbed the puppy Mojo. Mojo was not to be adopted out in the traditional sense by the medical team.

So, they naturally reached out to someone very special to see if he would open his home to Mojo. It was obvious that he had already opened his heart…

Wagner was greeted in a unique way when he returned to the clinic to view his new dog. Mojo was overjoyed to see the man who had rescued him. He recalled Wagner without a doubt, and the idea to reconnect them was a brilliant one!

Mojo is already three years old and doing fantastically well! He is a really happy boy who lives peacefully with Wagner and his family. He’s rumored to be extremely spoilt (which we fully approve of!)

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