After surgery, a formerly blind and stray Cocker Spaniel sees her owners for the first time.

Previously Blind And Stray Cocker Spaniel Sees Her Owners For The Very First Time After Surgery

This is the heartwarming moment a previously blind and stray Cocker Spaniel sees her owners for the first time after receiving much-needed surgery.

Holly Emmerson, Olive’s human, posted a video of her enthusiasm and anticipation as she drove to visit Olive following her eye surgery. Holly and her husband Bart had no idea what to anticipate because it would be Olive’s first sighting in three years.

Olive was rescued from the streets of Los Angeles as a stray. Due to severe cataracts in both eyes, she was unable to see. However, gathering funds for her surgery took some time, but Holly and Bart were able to do it with the support of West Coast Cocker Rescue, as well as friends and family.

Olive locks on to their faces as soon as she rounds the corner of the veterinarian facility wearing her Elizabethan cone, and her tail begins to wag madly. Olive’s newfound vision immediately changes to her surroundings as she takes in everything for the first time. Then it’s off for a walk and some playtime, which is made even more spectacular by Olive’s ability to see everything clearly around her!

“It was such an unbelievable moment to watch, seeing her that aware and gazing us in the eyes,” Holly later stated of the incident.

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