A cat rescued and educated by two dogs thinks he is one of them

A cat rescued and educated by two dogs thinks he is one of them – News

They are now an inseparable duo, having been reared by two dogs and a rescued cat. Although it is commonly assumed that cats and dogs do not get along, there are a few exceptions, such as this family that rescued an injured kitten. The rescued cat, named Azmael, grew up with Nimue, an Altdeutscher Schäferhund, and Liam, a White Swiss Shepherd.
Azmael acts like his dog buddies since the three companions get along so well. He was found critically injured in the middle of the road after being adopted several years ago. Nathalie (Doudouisawesome on Reddit) and her husband took him to the veterinarian in the hopes that he would live.

Fortunately, the injured kitten survived and was adopted by the couple. “We realized right away that the cat exclusively had eyes for Liam, our Swiss Shepherd,” Nathalie adds. “At first, our dog wasn’t sure what to make of it… Is it something to eat? Is it time for a new toy? After a few hours, though, he embraced him as a new friend.

Liam began to look after Azmael, and the kitten began to care for the dog. The friendship between the two pals is quite close. Azmael later became the best buddy of the family’s second dog, Nimue, and the three have become inseparable.

Almost every morning the cat joins them for a walk, it is as if they have three dogs. However, Azmael doesn’t always pay attention to cars on the road, so his owners have to quickly grab him and carry him if a car arrives.

Liam and Nimue aren’t the only ones who have adopted Azmael as one of their own. Nathalie’s husband, a firefighter, brought home another cat last year. Dogs were also involved in his education.

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