From the day she was adopted, Shelter Kitty refused to leave Big Brother’s side.

When an old story that still has emotional impact is unearthed by the Internet, it’s a tragic yet nevertheless miraculous event. There are more stories like this one that should be told. “Get your permission slips signed, because we’re going on a feels trip,” a Reddit user stated.

Charlie was an elderly fellow that the shelter system failed to notice. He was described as “big, clumsy, had health issues, and nobody wanted him” in a lovely comic created by his owner. However, such details were meaningless. After adopting a kitten to keep him company, Charlie’s (new) people loved him and brought him home.

It’s Scout here. From the moment she arrived home, she was devoted to her enormous brother and couldn’t sleep without cuddling up to him.

Charlie was the embodiment of the lovely huge dog. He treated Scout with such caution, and their relationship was wonderful. But to be very honest, it went much beyond simple cohabitation. They were utterly entwined.

Together, they shared meals and sleeps, and Scout’s favorite activity was to smell Charlie’s ears. She simply adored it, so don’t ask us why.

Charlie became terribly ill in the final weeks of his life; it turned out to be cancer. He regularly had to leave Scout behind in order to enter and exit the veterinarian’s office. Even if she was fully aware of what was happening, it didn’t make things any simpler.

Charlie eventually made everyone aware that it was time, and the physician visited their home.

His person wrote:

Charlie received many cuddles, embraces, and farewell kisses from our devoted friends, who were all around us.

Having to say goodbye to his cat was the final step.

Scout’s human tried to ease her adjustment when Charlie died away by showing her recordings of Charlie on an iPad.
She cuddled up close to the television after seeing him on it. Her human said on Imgur, “She and I miss our big, sweet guy so much.”

She continued among the plethora of Reddit responses, saying:

We will most likely soon welcome a new canine family member into our home. Even though we’re just getting started, we’re taking extra care to ensure that we properly process this heartbreaking loss. Our beloved Charlie was just the cutest puppy imaginable. When Scout was a newborn, he even allowed her to pretend to be his nurse since she needed a mother. What a nice guy he was.

She includes that Scout carries on in an unexpected way than she once had. Where some time recently she as it were had eyes for Charlie, she presently takes after her human around and welcomes her when she comes domestic. “[S]he never did these things before,” she composes, “i know she’s inquiring me where he is, and telling me how much she misses him.”

As time passed, Scout appeared to recuperate, and she is able to pass on a small of her adore to the individuals in her life. Rest in peace, Charlie. You’ll never be overlooked, particularly by your small (cat) sister.





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