Foster Mom Says Her Dog Is ‘Learning to Dog’ After She Shed 35 Lbs. of Matted Fur

It took a while for the neglected dog to get used to his new haircut!
It was like resurrecting Lazarus when the groomer shaved 35 pounds of matted fur from his body.
His previous owners, who are terminally ill, cruelly neglected him, and rescuers believe he has never been groomed.
Amanda Charsha-Lindsey of the Big Fluffy Dog Rescue, who is now fostering the Great Pyrenees in Virginia, says, “His coat was in the process of matting to his skin.” “At that point, brushing and trimming are no longer viable options, and shears must be used.” “It was basically mats on top of mats on top of mats,” says the narrator.

A YouTube video shows Lazarus unsteady on his feet at first as a result of his new look.

Charsha-Lindsey tells PEOPLE, “I knew it was a new feeling he’d never felt before, and he appeared unsure.” “He took his first few steps without his coat after a few treats and encouragement.”
After witnessing his extraordinary change, Charsha-Lindsey hopes that it will generate greater discussion about animal rescue and the incredible things it can achieve.
Lazarus, who Charsha-Lindsey described as “joyous” and “grateful,” arrived at his foster family on Labor Day, which seems appropriate. He’s liked sitting outside in the mornings, sniffing the grass, and getting toasty in the sun during his stay there.
“He’s slowly learning to dog,” Charsha-Lindsey adds, adding that he’ll stay there until he’s ready for a permanent home. “Just seeing the smile on his face every day offers us joy, as does showing him new things. He’s started requesting affection from us, and he won’t go to bed without a hug and a kiss.”

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