Blind Dog Refuses To Leave Spot Where She Was Abandoned, Waits For Over 10 Yrs

Blind Dog Refuses To Leave Spot Where She Was Abandoned, Waits For Over 10 Yrs

The past ten years have been filled with agony and pain for Bokashi the dog. Locals claim that after her owner went to a special home, the blind dog wound up in the middle of the streets. Nobody knows who it belongs to, but Bokshil still believes that her humans will one day find her.
Residents have observed Berkshire’s inhabitants impatiently waiting next to the unit. Her predicament deteriorated with time. Senile cataract caused her to lose her vision, and her teeth began to break, but Bokshil resisted the efforts of worried neighbors to save her and opted to stay put in her waiting position.

Bokshil is currently being fed soft, grounded food by a kind grandmother who watches out for her. Some even constructed a tiny doghouse for her. Even yet, it’s terrible to learn that the obedient girl travels to the same location every day in search of her owner. In her quest to find her person, she puts her life in danger on the bustling streets and occasionally encounters strangers.

Bokshil’s veterinarian believes that “waiting for her owner” offers the dog a goal to strive for. She won’t be able to handle the shock if a “rescuer” alters her environment, though, because of her delusional psychological state. We sincerely hope that Bokshil’s owner learns of her eerie circumstance and locates her. Let’s spread the news about Bokashi and assist her in finding her rightful owner!

See Bokshil’s sad story of dashed dreams and disillusionment over the past ten years by clicking the video below!

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