A abused puppy gets rescued and buries his head in the arms of a human

Every dog is a good dog, but not every dog finds a loving home. There are many dogs out there who have been abused or abandoned by the people who adopt them. In this case, the poor puppy went through the same thing. His previous owner mistreated him.

The poor pup’s name is Chowder. He was discovered lurking among a rubbish pile by a resident named Donna, who contacted the Stray Rescue of St. Louis for assistance. Chowder was a little nervous when the rescuers approached him. Some kind people stepped forward to assist him.

Not only that, but Chowder’s face was covered in wounds. “He’s just a puppy!” says the narrator. Stray Rescue stated on Facebook, “His eyes are messed up, and he has puncture wounds on his face.”

Chowder was most likely used as a bait dog before being bitten by a large dog. He’s now safe, thankfully. He was rescued, given excellent medical care, and lavished with love.

The small dog understands how to communicate his emotions. He once melted the hearts of those who came to his rescue. When he was brought into the automobile by the rescuers, he buried his face in their arms, clearly relieved to be rescued.

“The idea of somebody mistreating him makes us cry.” This angel requires our assistance. They remarked, “We’re extremely appreciative to the callers for taking action.”

This scene also strikes a chord with supporters of Stray Rescue and Internet visitors who see the photo. Coming into contact with love and kindness at the proper time can save a person’s life.

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