Dog Cuddles Into Mom’s Clothes To Find Comfort When She’s Away

Meet Kalina, a three-year-old German shepherd who lives with her mother, Raven Atchison, in a happy home. Kalina, like other dogs, adores her mother and spends every day cuddling with her. She enjoys it so much that she may become agitated and stressed when her mother is absent.

“Kalina, my three-year-old German Shepherd, suffers from separation anxiety. “It used to be a lot worse, but we’ve come a long way,” Atchison added.

Knowing that her dog suffers from separation anxiety, Atchison tries to spend as much time as she can with her dog and takes her wherever she goes. She does, however, have to leave her at home on sometimes. As a result, she installed cameras to ensure that she can always check in on her dog when she isn’t at home.
“While we’re gone, I set up a security camera in the bedroom where she usually spends her time so I can look in on her and make sure she’s OK,” Atchison told The Dodo. “As well as to check if there are any stressors in her environment when I’m not around.”

Raven just seen her dog bringing her clothes over to the bed to cuddle with while checking the cams! “I caught her gently removing an item of my clothing from the bedside table, placing it on the bed, and then laying down to cuddle with it.”

While his mother was out of the house, Kalina came up with an adorable approach to deal with the situation and find consolation. Here’s a video of that moment:

“My heart melted completely!” I’m ecstatic that my smell alone brings her so much comfort.” According to Atchison. “It made my entire day to be able to watch her snuggle up with my clothing and then lay down calmly and sweetly with it.”
After watching the video, Atchison realized she’d discovered her clothes strewn about the house in odd places in the past and couldn’t recall how they got there. She had finally figured out why. “With a very nice answer, it definitely solved the question,” she remarked.

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