A motorcyclist makes sure his dog is safe during the ride

Motorcyclist Keeps His Dog Safe For The Ride

Even though it’s raining in Scotland, Motorbike Milly and her father decide to go for a ride on his motorcycle. Milly the dog’s owner is getting her ready for a ride on his bike in a video that has gone viral.

Her family adores the Bichon Frise, especially her father, Paul Crossan, a retired plumber who rescued her from a shelter. He was seeking for a dog to accompany him on road trips, and when he spotted Milly, he fell in love with her. She had been neglected by her previous owners, but now she gets to have a lot of fun with Paul.
Milly goes into her personalised tank bag in the video and enjoys the gifts Paul feeds her. Then Paul pulls out another piece of gear that made us giddy with delight — her own rhinestone-encrusted bespoke helmet!

Here’s another video of Milly getting ready for her ride, so you can see how cool her costume is, which includes a leather jacket, pants, and a helmet.

Milly is so adorable. She and her dad often travel around Scotland and frequently visit senior care centers to spread the joy.

Milly has been using unique full-faced helmets made by Paul for several years. He claims that the helmets restrict her ears from flying around and protect her eyes from stone chips and other foreign things on the road. They are not approved for crash safety in the same way that human helmets are. They’re for safeguarding her eyes and hearing, as Paul explains on his YouTube channel.

In the video below he shows how he makes the helmets – which he says take him around 30 minutes to modify.

In a second video (see below), Paul goes into greater detail on the hazards of various pet helmets marketed online, as well as the problems and practicalities that pet owners should be aware of if they choose to buy one or make their own – the key concern being ventilation and fit.

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