In The Middle Of A Pet Adoption Photoshoot, A Man Discovers His Missing Dogs

Man Stumbles Upon His Missing Dogs In The Middle Of Pet Adoption Photoshoot

Ragnar and Kloud are the names of Sandy Hernandez’s Siberian Huskies. The dogs also leaped the fence one weekend and bolted. Their father was heartbroken as a result of this. He searched everywhere for them and produced “lost dog” ads, but he had no idea they had been taken up by Miami-Dade Animal Services after being discovered on the street.

After seeing the flyers, the man who found the dogs encouraged Sandy to go to the shelter. When the dog’s father arrived, he discovered the Huskies participating in the organization’s pet adoption photograph. He was so ecstatic to see them that he didn’t even wait till his car was completely parked before running over to them! The touching reunion was broadcast live for all to see.

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