4 Puppies Abandoned In A Box Finally Got Rescued And Given A Loving Home

Some people’s cold-bloodedness is simply astonishing at times. We name ourselves “people,” but the way we treat many helpless, voiceless animals is anything but human. Seriously, they are entitled to so much more.

These four puppies were found abandoned in a box in Ukraine, sandwiched between a large field and a dangerously busy highway. Fortunately, the puppies did not attempt to cross the highway. Instead, they went to a nearby field where they could hunt through the rubbish for some food to momentarily fill their tummies.

Screenshot, Love Furry Friends

Olena Pyanov, the founder of the Love Furry Friends, drove over to the region after hearing about these unfortunate souls, and what she witnessed broke her heart. All of the puppies were clearly hungry, and one youngster in particular was so weak that he could hardly stand on his own owing to a lack of necessary nutrients at such a young age.

The caring mother fed the kittens right away and rushed them to the vet for regular examinations. Except for the inevitability of hunger, those little dogs were OK. They quickly regained their passion for life with a little attention and food.

It didn’t take long for these adorable little girls to revert to their carefree, happy selves. After a long day of scavenging on the streets, they had their first bath, had a lot of fun with their new toys, and were entertained by Olena’s entertaining bedtime stories.

Above all, they valued the security of having a roof over their heads and a full stomach before going to bed. There’s nothing better for a kid than being a kid and not having to worry about risk.

These four gorgeous furbabies quickly found themselves a great loving home with Olena’s help, where they would always be welcomed and cherished. The touching rescue can be seen here:

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