The girl rescued a large dog from the market. Nobody loved her, but he wanted love and happiness

This family’s tale begins in the courtyard of a tall building, and they are the guardians of a very sizable dog. The shepherd was assaulted by a gang of ferocious dogs, and she was unable to defend herself.

The shepherd dog’s owner, on the other hand, was not hesitant to stand up for the animal and, taking the board, started to fend off the strong, barking mongrels. The young girl yelled “Dolph!” as she started to hug the enormous dog after the shepherd was saved.

A shepherd dog who was living on the streets eventually acquired a moniker, a home, and loving owners. The huge, good-natured, shaggy man who stood up for him instantly started to feel sorry for him. He then helped him into his car and drove him to the veterinarian clinic.

Examining the dog revealed that it had no health issues, except that it should have been fed properly. The dog was brought to the dacha, where Dolph ran around the huge yard with great joy.


He now travels across the country with his owners as a full-fledged member of the family. In particular, he adores fishing and is not opposed to treating himself to delectable fish.

He also has a huge amount of wool, which led the owners to buy two robotic vacuum cleaners at once to collect shaggy wool throughout the house.

For the baby, Dolph became a loyal friend. They play together and fall asleep in an embrace and she says that when she grows up, she will also live with Dolph




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