Pit Bull Used As Bait Dog In Dogfighting, Found Her Second Chance In Life

Pit Bull Used As Bait Dog In Dogfighting, Found Her Second Chance In Life

The protagonist of this narrative is Betsy, a lovely pit dog whose owner wanted her to fight. However, because she was too delicate and loving to be employed as a fighting dog, her heartless owner decided to use her as a bait dog!

Fortunately, Victor Lakhill and his crew were able to rescue her earlier than before, and it was too late. They took her to the vet once for medication, and they found out that she might not want to go now because she was badly injured! Pollution used to be his biggest concern, because he had a lot of injuries. It was obvious in the past that Bessie wanted to stay while she fought the pain. Despite being abused and exploited, she still hopes to thrive and stay.

Betsy was incredibly brave, and she was able to avoid the pain after eight surgical procedures and months of treatment. You can see in the video that she adores individuals who show her what it means to be treasured.

Her bravery astonished everyone, and all kinds of people knew her. The once-nices ide was that once she recovered, she was adopted into an ordinary family. Now he is living the lifestyle he deserves with his human siblings, and they give up his lifestyle with love and care. We hope this story shows humans that bulldogs can be pets because they are cute too.

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