Man Found A “Lost” Dog, Tries To Help And Reads The ‘ID’ Tag

Man Found A “Lost” Dog, Tries To Help And Reads The ‘ID’ Tag – News

Things aren’t always as they appear. Tyler Wilson will cherish that memory for the rest of his life! Wilson was contacted by a Yellow Lab who was all by himself when he stopped at a neighborhood gas station near his house in Kentucky. Wilson was anxious because he thought he had seen the dog previously. His thoughts began to race: where had his family gone? Was he all right? What could he possibly do to assist?
Wilson tells The Dodo, “I’ve seen the dog around that region a couple weeks prior.” “So I was like, ‘This dog has been missing for a while,’ until he came up to me at the gas station and sat next to me.” Wilson, on the other hand, received a once-in-a-lifetime surprise! He, of course, checked for identification tags on the sweet pup and there, hanging from his collar was a silver tag. This may help! This may find his family!

Wilson was completely surprised when he received the dog’s name and a phone number for his owner. The Yellow Lab’s collar had something really remarkable, and very unexpected, printed on it:

My name is Dew, it said. I am not stranded. I enjoy going on adventures. Please send me home.

Wilson decided NOT to tell Dew to go home right away. Instead, since Dew was obviously in the mood to say “hi”, he spent some time with him giving him pets and some much-wanted attention.

dog tag for wandering dew

Dew turned out to be a celebrity in the area. Dew is well-known in the community. He spends a lot of his time walking around and welcoming people. He then returns to his 70-acre farm, where he lives with his adoring family, when he is ready.

Dew has always had a sense of adventure. No matter how hard the family tried to keep their dog contained, he always managed to get away. Dew, on the other hand, always returned home when he ran away. Dew’s family grew accustomed to his personality, knowing that he is intelligent, always aware of his surroundings, and always (safely) comes home.

“Dew enjoys meeting new people,” his family tells The Dodo. “Fortunately, Dew is chipped and wears a GPS tracker, so we always know where he is when he gets out and about!” He simply enjoys spreading joy.”

Dew’s family recognizes that his travels aren’t always the safest, but they’ve come to terms with their dog’s proclivity for wandering. They’re overjoyed that Dew encounters folks who check on him and give him a glass of water and a loving pat on the head.

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