Dogs Saved From Mountain Highway Create Happy Chaos In Rescuer’s Home

She hadn’t anticipated having a house full of huge puppies so close to Christmas. When a dog rescuer in Northern California received a message to come save nine pups on a mountain roadway, she drove to where they were dumped and crammed all nine pets into her hatchback.

After the dogs were de-ticked and brought inside to meet her four dogs, Redditor LostWingnut shared a beautiful video of the ensuing commotion. “I just scooped up some dogs that were discarded on a mountain roadway,” she captioned the video. My house is in shambles. (Don’t worry, I’ve got foster homes and pending homes lined up for them.)”


Well.. I’ve got the 7 rescue pups.. haha it’s a shitshow

If you have trouble viewing the video above, try the version below.

People instantly inquired about LostWingnut’s extraordinary rescue and how she managed to save so many pets. She revealed that nine puppies were abandoned about six weeks ago, but when rescuers arrived, the canines had vanished into the woods. The dogs were then observed on the highway the night before she shared the footage.

On Imgur, she claimed that she was approached because “animal control was going to put them down because the shelters are filled…

I work mostly in the field of emergency response. I only adopt animals that are in life or death situations and must be rescued immediately.”

Unfortunately, two of the dogs were hit by cars before she arrived and died, but LostWingnut was able to easily bring the other seven dogs over to her car.


“Sadly, two were hit by cars before we got there, and the rest were sheltering near the road,” LostWingnut stated. Once one came out for food, the others followed suit, and they were simple to pick up and transport. They were taken to a friend’s house but were unable to stay there, so we picked them up last night and brought them to my home.”

The seven puppies were healthy except for the ticks they were plagued with, so it was still a three-hour drive with puking babies. “They were pretty lucky,” LostWingnut wrote. For the first time in who knows how long, I peeled off a million ticks, and they are full, happy, and warm.”



“It’s a whole litter of same age puppies,” LostWingnut added. “I have been asking around but it is looking like a dump.”

The touching video was shot at 2:30 a.m., six hours after they arrived at LostWingnut’s house (after she got up to go to work).

She claimed that she and her girlfriend own four of the dogs. “The white bulldog,” says the narrator. The world mix, the German Shepard, and the pit mix are three different breeds. “Everything has been fixed.” “They had already went outside to poop and were just lounging when I took video,” said the owner.

The puppies will “definitely be big,” she said. “Their paws are at least as large as my wolf dog’s when he was that age.”

All of the puppies have foster homes and pending homes waiting for them. In fact, two of the puppies have already been adopted by their new families!

“Two of the rescued animals have been reunited with their families. LongWingNut captioned, “The human faces are priceless.”

LostWingnut was asked if she would keep any of them, and she said there was one “white boy attempting to win my heart.” “However, I already have two dogs,” she hastily added. LongWingnut, on the other hand, appears to have had a change of heart just a few days later. She revealed that the white dog had captured her heart and that she had decided to retain “Apollo.”

She wrote, “I guess this one chose me.” “I had no intention of keeping any of the puppies.” Isn’t three dogs enough? Hah.”

“He is so nervous being away from the other 6 rescued pups but it’s good for him. I brought my other dogs with me on this trip so he has some friends to help him learn stuff.”

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