The Difference One Day Makes In A Shelter Dog’s Life

The Difference One Day Makes In A Shelter Dog's Life

What a difference a day can make in the life of a shelter dog! When Marla and her boyfriend James went to look at dogs to perhaps adopt, Spokey was at an SPCA. They knew they wanted Spokey the moment they saw her.

“We fell in love with her the moment we saw her,” Marla wrote, “and returned to the SPCA every day until she was available for adoption.”

At the shelter, they snapped this picture of Spokey.

Spokey at the shelter when Marla and James saw her.

The day after adopting her,  they took this photo. One day at home and Spokey was all smiles!

Spokey on her first day home.

The SPCA didn’t have much information about her background to offer, but the pair is excited to learn more about Spokey. “They didn’t know much about her, other than the fact that they found her in rural West Virginia that she had puppies before,” Marla explained. She has a peaceful demeanor, but she is both intrigued and afraid of vehicles as they pass her by.”
They had considerable difficulty getting her to eat and drink on her first day home, but they had been warned that this behavior “may be normal with rescue pups.” Spokey, on the other hand, is settling in nicely to her new home after only a few days.

“Spokey is working wonderfully!” Marla told We purchased her three toys, and she carries them all around with her. It’s as though she’s taken aback by the fact that she now has her own possessions!”

“Now that she’s settled down, she’s also started to eat a lot better.” We mix wet and dry foods together in a “Kong” for her to play with while eating, which she enjoys.”

“Spokey is becoming a lot more playful as well!” She will play in the back yard with James and me and is learning basic instructions like as’sit’ and ‘paw.’ “We’re going to start her in group dog training next week,” she says. “We’re overjoyed to have such an amazing puppy in our lives.”

And now it’s been a year. What’s new with Spokey? After a year at their home, Marla and James posted an update along with a few new images of Spokey that show just how far the sweet dog has gone.

“This is Spokey’s take on ‘getting some fresh air.'” There’s nothing like a sunny day with a fluffy doggy bed and all of her food and toys.”

“Spokey can’t sleep unless she is touching someone. She is the biggest snuggler I have ever met. If her paw is not touching some part of my body, she will not go to bed.”

“Spokey is the happiest, silliest, and most loving dog I’ve ever had, and he has improved my life 100 percent.” I’m overjoyed that she’s been introduced into my life.”

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