Emaciated Stray Dog’s Kindness Helped Him Found A Family

Emaciated Stray Dog’s Kindness Helped Him Found A Family

Because abandoned animals often lose faith in humans, it’s important to be cautious and patient when attempting to assist them. It’s not always enough to have good intentions; sometimes you need to go the additional mile and do whatever it takes to fulfill your purpose.

The Lost & Found Pets WA State’s Amanda Guarascio and Dylan Parkinson of Washington State University did an amazing job rescuing a malnourished dog that had been stranded in the forests near Mt. Rainier for weeks. They drove to the mountain as soon as they heard about the dog, but this untrustworthy young man was simply unapproachable.

“After we heard about him, Dylan and I drove up yesterday night, and to our amazement, he was sitting in a little turn-off on the side of the road just where the girl said she had seen him,” Amanda recalled. “We tried for an hour to entice him to come to us with food, but we didn’t go very far.”

They stayed with him until 3 a.m., trying every method they could think of, but none of them worked. The terrified dog continued to flee, however he did accept some food from Amanda because he was plainly hungry.

They returned the next day, this time better equipped. After failing to entice the boy with food for several hours, the two girls decided to go above and beyond in order to gain his trust: Amanda laid down and pretended to be hurt, while Dylan drove away. And, much to their amazement, that bizarre strategy turned out to be rather successful.

The dog, whose they both named Baby Bear, came quite near to Amanda to observe what was going on and didn’t leave for another 20 minutes. After all, Baby Bear was concerned about humans! He was still a lovely youngster with a golden heart, despite his detached demeanor.

When Dylan returned, they eagerly attempted the same trick a second time. And all of their efforts were rewarded this time!

“When he snarled a little, I began whining and yawning, which is a calming signal, and moved closer and closer till I was resting against the adorable tiny Baby Bear!” Amanda was the one who shared. “At one point, he got up to attempt to locate us shelter since he saw me as a helpless human girl with no survival abilities, and he took me under his wing!”

Finally, Baby Bear was taken to an amazing foster home with the support of Amanda and Dylan, while the two girls looked for his owners. Baby Bear grew into a strong and cheerful boy while under their care.

“Words cannot convey how happy we were to go into the house and see our little baby dancing around, waving his tail, and looking SO healthy!!!” After meeting their new acquaintance at his foster home, Amanda exclaimed happily. “His foster family has done an outstanding job in restoring his health. The difference is mind-blowing!! He’s gained 5 pounds and his appearance has already improved dramatically!! His coat is incredibly healthy, and he now appears to be a fresh new dog.”

It’s a little disappointing that they couldn’t locate any information about his previous owners. However, Baby Bear was eventually adopted by a nice guy, and he now enjoys a happy life in his new home!

Thanks to the kindness of Amanda, Dyland and Baby Bear himself, the pitiful boy had found a wonderful family. Look how joyful he is!

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