Gentle and Loving Puppy Dotes On Blind Senior Dog

Gentle and Loving Puppy Dotes On Blind Senior Dog

Pugsly the blind pug is set to make a new companion when he meets Bear the Golden Retriever Puppy, his best friend of 12 years. Despite the fact that they were of different ages, Pugsly welcomed Bear into the family by licking his face. Pugsly began giving Bear kisses from that day forward.

Bear was very kind with Pugsly when he was diagnosed with heart failure. Bear made a point of getting down to Pugsly’s level and scooting closer to him so he could kiss him as he always did. Every morning, Bear would hop into the bed and kiss Pugsly.

Pugsly passed away in 2017 due to heart failure. “To this day, Bear has a particular place in his heart for older dogs,” his family claims.

In the beautiful video below, watch the adorable couple give each other kisses over the years:

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