A brave dog saves a child from drowning in a pool

Heroic Dog Saves Baby From Drowning In Pool

Patricia Drauch was on her way to the garage to get something when she realized her 14-month-old son, Stanley, was following her. But when she didn’t see him, she went straight to the yard, where she discovered her kid had fallen into the pool, much to her distress.

The toddler appeared blue, but due to their Labrador Retriever, Bear, he was face-up in the water! Stanley’s head was out of the water because Bear was in the pool beneath him, supporting the youngster up on his back.

Patricia pulled her son from the water and dialed 911, but when she couldn’t get service, she dashed to her car and drove to the local fire station for assistance. She was able to call 911 while on the way, and EMTs assessed Stanley and found him to be in good condition. After that, he was taken to the hospital and released later that day.
Patricia believes Bear saved her son’s life since the dog and her children have such a strong attachment. “I’ve always urged Bear to just care over his babies since he was a puppy,” Patricia explains. “I’ve always told him they’re his children.”

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