Dogs only visited through the fence until the day neighbors opened up the gate

There was nothing that could separate Pax and Penny, even though they were divided by a fence.

Nothing could stop these two from being in love, and nothing did.
So, until one day when their parents brought them together for a real date, the two would jump up against the fence and share secret kisses.
Pax’s mother Emily told The Dodo, “We started noticing Pax was going straight outside to the fences every day and we realized that he was looking for our neighbor’s dog.”

Pax would leap out every time Emily opened her door, sprint as far as he could to the fence, and then stand there until the neighbors let Penny out to play.

“Where is she?” he asked while standing paws up on the fence in our neighbor’s yard, according to images we received from him. said Emily.

The two dogs were split up for almost a week when the neighborhood had a snowstorm.

You see, Penny does NOT like snow very much. Pax, though, is a strong motivator for her, so she made the decision to brave the snow simply to see her boyfriend.

“Once she got past the ‘OK, the snow isn’t so bad’ point and she saw Pax, she just kind of took off,” Emily recalled. Because they frequently licked each other’s faces, it was assumed that they were kissing.

The two dogs eventually seldom ran into each other every day.

Even swapping toys across the fence became a habit for them.

Because Pax is constantly snatching his socks, Emily remarked, “We’ve even lost one of my husband’s socks to Penny’s yard.”

When Emily and her neighbor saw how well-behaved their dogs were, they felt powerless to separate them.
In order to allow the two to play in the yard, they decided to unlock the fence one day.
Pax entered Penny’s yard right away, and the two simply ran side by side around the yard at high speed. How thrilled they were to be together at last was obvious.

Pax and Penny are now frequently seen together.
They even have indoor playdates where they may cuddle, play with toys, and hang out on the couch.

They simply got along well, and Emily remarked that it was endearing to see. “We could say that they are boyfriend and girlfriend because they have a really sweet friendship.”

Unfortunately, Pax moved, and he and Penny now reside roughly a half-hour away, according to Pax’s Instagram profile.
But it was incredibly lovely to see them again after a few weeks apart.
They have a ton of playdates coming up, according to Emily. Even when they meet, Pax occasionally dons one of his expensive bow ties. Even some of the admirers of Pax and Penny claim that they are soulmates.

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