Pup Wept In Pain After Owner Left Her In Woods, Embraced Only Person Who Cared

Ilovemydogsomuch writes that a puppy this young should be adored and well-cared for.

In fact, all animals are deserving of it! Unfortunately, when Zarife, a puppy, was injured, her callous owner threw her into the woods. Zarife’s owner couldn’t care less if she lived or died. Zarife sobbed as loudly as she could in the hopes that someone would hear her.

When a Good Samaritan saw the puppy, he called a local rescue organization. They arrived as quickly as they could. The puppy was in a lot of pain. She waggled her tail, relieved that someone was finally going to aid her, but her anguish was unbearable. They loaded the puppy into the car and drove straight to the veterinarian’s office.

Zarife had giardia, which the vet confirmed and treated right away. However, she had infected sores all over her body. She need pain relievers as well as antibiotics. When they tried to touch her itchy skin, the tiny infant whimpered. She was also malnourished and anemic, according to other testing. This meant she was never fed adequately in the first place and was on her alone in the woods for quite some time.

Despite everything that this poor dog had gone through, she continued to lavish kisses, hugs, and tail wags on her new human buddies. Her spirit is strong, and she’s already showing to be a puppy fighter! “Her previous humans, without a doubt, failed her.” And that makes our hearts break. She is finally protected, but it is not acceptable that she had to suffer in the first place!

The young one is making incredible progress. She feels so much better after only a week. When one of the rescuers opens the door to her kennel, she gives the loveliest puppy embrace to her human pal. She has such emotional depth, despite the fact that she is a dog, and some may say that canines do not feel the same way humans do. That lovely embrace tells it all!

The sweet puppy is becoming stronger every day! She doesn’t yet have a forever home, but her rescuers are working hard to locate her the ideal family. Can we send our best wishes and prayers to Zarife? She is deserving of it! Zarife is safe and sound, which we are grateful for!

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