Scared Poodle Living Under A House For Months Finally Got Rescued

No one can deny the tragic fact that many dogs are abandoned every day, yet few individuals are ready to save these poor souls. In the blink of an eye, they move from worry-free to homeless, with no idea what happened. Some people can still be strong and happy, but others rapidly lose their zest for life and find it difficult to survive after a heartbreak.
Scotty was one of those unfortunate individuals. People discovered him living under a house for five months, refusing to leave. Despite their best efforts, the fearful dog would not allow anyone to approach him. It’s not until they contacted Hope For Paws’ founder Eldad Hagar that his situation was turned upside down.

After hearing about Scotty, Eldad and his coworker Lisa Chiarelli arrived right away. They tried to corner him by crawling under the house, but the small dog was too afraid to listen to these two strangers. As they sought to apprehend him, he continued to hide and even bit Eldad.

These caring rescuers, on the other hand, were not ready to give up on this young youngster. They finally managed to settle the poodle down after two hours of struggle in that cramped, dark, and filthy space. Their quest was difficult, but it was well worth the effort.

Scotty eventually let his guard down after realizing that they were merely trying to help. Even though the small child was still trembling, it was apparent that after they put their leash around his neck, he began to relax.

The kind rescuers spent some more time petting Scotty to soothe his nerves, and his smile melted their hearts. The luckless doggo even walked his way out smoothly under their guide.

Lisa, his rescuer, was also the one who cared for him during his recovery. Scotty turned out to be a rambunctious dog who loves his humans! He also got along swimmingly with the other pets in her home.

Watch the pawsome rescue here:

According to the latest update from Eldad, Scotty later found an amazing forever home real quick.

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