Rescuer Refuses To Leave His 450 Animals In Ukraine – “I’d rather lose my life with them”

Rescuer Refuses To Leave His 450 Animals In Ukraine – “I’d rather lose my life with them”

Despite the precarious position they are in in Ukraine, which has resulted in regrettable losses as a result of Russia’s actions, a deliverer refuses to forsake his owner.
“I’d sooner die with them than leave my 450 pets in Ukraine,” said the deliverer.
Since February, Russia has been involved in an irruption in Ukraine that has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of people, as well as the displacement of over a million people. It’s a battle that has wreaked havoc on the environment, affecting not only humans but also animals.

The Italia JK2 hideaway is located near Kiev, Ukraine’s capital, and is home to more than 450 colorful creatures ranging from nags to cravens.

Andrea Cisternino is the author of the pet sanctum, who stunned the world by staying by their side to protect them.

“Now I have to think about saving a sanctum and its more than 400 visitors, who ought to be protected at all costs, and that’s exactly what I’ll do.” “I’d rather die than leave my colleagues to die alone,” the deliverer said. ”

He also posted on his social media accounts. “Two military planes and a war helicopter went over the sanctuary 10 twinkles ago,” Oksana added, adding that one of the jets attacked. Another attack was carried out at 5 a.m. 30 kilometers away in a field.

 Despite the serious threat of staying in the area, Andrea is so connected to guarding the animals that he can not conceive of abandoning them. 

The deliverer ensures that his first priority is to protect his sanctum’s creatures.

Andrea, an Italian national and former fashion photographer, traveled to Ukraine with his wife Vlada Shalutko a decade ago to battle the stalking of sloppy pets. They opened a sanctum in Kiev together, where they’ve taken in hundreds of creatures who would have died otherwise.

The sanctum currently has 20 thousand square meters of installations divided into colorful spaces for pets and cats, grazing cows and nags, stink pounds, storages, kitchens, troops, and eventually a veterinary clinic.

Andrea published Perros Callejeros, a photography book with reports including men and animals, in 2011. After hearing about the suffering of street creatures in Ukraine during the European Championship, she decided to relocate to the nation to assist them.

He used the earnings from his book deals at the time to fund the construction of the pet sanctum. As a result, he launched his campaign in that country to defend pets, create public awareness, and promote the rescue of creatures of various species who needed help.

But it wasn’t easy; he’d have to deal with the skepticism of people who were committed to the practice of hunting sloppy pets. The installation was burned down twice after it opened, resulting in the loss of 71 pets.

“No one came to aid us, not even the firemen,” Andrea claimed. “We managed to get as many pets out as we could until the fire became overwhelming.”

He didn’t throw away the kerchief because of adversity; instead, he built a new sanctum, bigger and better. He named the location KJ2 in honor of a bear who died in Tentino in 2017 as a result of violence.

Andrea now faces yet another tremendous challenge with his creatures, but nothing, not even the shells he has seen flying over the sanctuary, can deter him.

The deliverer has stocked up on food and energy as a stopgap, hoping that the conflict would finish while he is secure with the rescued animals.

Thousands of people have voiced their appreciation and support for this brave and religious deliverer who is willing to sacrifice his life for the animals he has aided so many times on social media.

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