When the dog follows the children to school, his mother receives a photograph of him in the principal’s office.

Dog Follows The Kids To School, Mom Receives Photo Of Him In Principal's Office

Sandy the Labradoodle has belonged to Karen Manthey’s family since he was a puppy, and he has always been quite close to them. The dog is usually curious about what his family members are up to and will follow them around. Every day, Sandy tries to follow the kids to school, but they usually catch him and send him home before he goes too far. However, one day…

Karen Manthey

The family was a little more distracted than normal, and the sly dog managed to escape and follow the kids all the way to school. Sandy ended up in the principal’s office, where a staff member photographed him and sent it to Karen. Because they live so close, they permitted one of the kids to walk him back home because his phone was turned off.

“I understand that not every labradoodle belongs to you, but is this your dog?” Read the SMS message. Karen was so upset by the circumstance that she walked down to the school to express her regret. Sandy, on the other hand, seems to have no regrets about his activities!

The whole event made the school staff chuckle, and the dog was quite satisfied with himself. So, in the end, there’s no harm done! Sandy’s family will simply have to take more steps in the future to ensure that she does not end up in the principal’s office!

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