A cow rescued from a slaughterhouse makes friends with a puppy abandoned in the woods

Juliana Castaneda discovered four puppies abandoned in the woods and brought them to Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary to care for them before she could find them a home.

She soon found homes for three of the four puppies while on a trip to the United States. However, Sri Ram, an adorable little boy, remained. Juliana transferred Sri Ram to another section of the sanctuary, concerned that the puppy was now isolated, in the hopes that he might make friends with one of the older dogs who lived there.

It was love at first sight for the now 5-month-old puppy when he found a mate. Juliana was surprised to learn that the puppy’s new best friend was a black and white cow called Bernie. Bernie, who had been saved from a slaughterhouse at the age of three months, was similarly enamored.

Since they were both so young, their friendship grew quickly. Perhaps they had a special bond because they both had a difficult start in life. We’ll never know what brought these two together, but it’s clear they adore each other.

Sri Ram and Bernie have spent all of their time together since they met. They spend the whole day together, playing, napping, and hanging out. Bernie now behaves like a dog, socializing with other pets and people as well as going into the house with the other animals.

The cute besties are always found cuddled up on a bed with the other dogs and their human caregivers. Bernie seems to be unaware that he is significantly larger than Sri Ram and crams himself in with the rest of the group.

Since they are so close, it has been determined that they will never be apart and will be able to spend their golden years at the sanctuary together. They will never be left there again. Juliana’s family, as well as a horse, pig, quail, pigeon, rabbits, ducks, turtles, 13 cats, and 35 more dogs, share their time.

We’re overjoyed that they found each other, and the photos and video of them together are adorable. We hope you have a good time watching this unusual relationship unfold. Please pass the love along to your loved ones.


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